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Welcome To BriteSnow, The Big App, Small Team company

August 15th, 2012, by jeremy
Welcome to BriteSnow, Inc., a top-notch Cloud application development shop located along the top-edge of the Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

Over the last 10 years, we have been building high-end data centric applications and technologies for some of the biggest companies in the industry such as Google, as well as for startup and up-and-coming companies such as AggregateKnowledge, StrongMail.

Our core business is to bootstrap and accelerate new cloud business application projects and eventually train and transfer our expertise to our clients’ internal development teams when they are ready. This allows our clients to enjoy the shortest time to market with a high-quality product while bringing new expertise in house. We also have a very flexible and unique engagement that allows our client to stop, pause and resume at any time during the project. This flexibility reduces the engagement risks to a minimum as well as serves as a token of confidence in our speed and quality of delivery.

We provide full development services, typically one architect and 3 to 5 full time developers, and we have a very efficient agile development methodology that allows us to quickly and incrementally bring new features to market at the highest quality possible.

The HTML5 applications we build can run in the cloud or in any enterprise data center for PC, Mobile, and Tablet Web access, as well as be packaged for App Store type of distribution (iOS, Android, or even Chrome extensions).

Our obsession is speed and quality of delivery, and to accomplish this we have been maturing over the years a set of processes, technologies, and best practices that allows to have amazing development productivity with the most mature and robust technology on the market (HTML5 on the client, and Java on the server -when needed-). Every technology we use is fully open source so that our clients do not have any hidden licensing scheme behind their application code.

In short, BriteSnow allows enterprises to quick start their new HTML5 application development project from the right foot, the HTML5 one.

Feel free to give us a call (415) 699 9912 or email at