Building Enterprise HTML5 Application



Full Development Team
  • From 3 full-time developers.
  • 1 Architect
    (15 years experience from Netscape, Oracle, and Adobe)
  • Ready to code from Day 1
High-Velocity Process
  • Agile development process with weekly sprint.
  • Weekly and nightly drops deployed on Amazon.
  • Stop/Pause anytime (Ultimate flexibility)
Deep Cloud Expertise

Our deep expertise in Amazon Cloud Services and best of breed backend technologies, such as modern Java 8, big database, big data, and modern dev-ops best practices, allows us to build state of the art backend services and Web Applications ready to be hosted on Amazon or your cloud of choice.

Pixel Perfect HTML5

Our passion for pixel perfect user interfaces combined with our deep HTML5 expertise allow us to build highly reponsive and intuitive user interfaces for PC and Mobile web devices. If your designer can design it, we can code it.

Bootstrap & Accelerate

Our best of breed technology stack approach and high-velocity development process is perfect to bootstrap new projects or accelerate existing teams to be able to deliver more in a shorter amount of time.

Bring Expertise Home

Our iterative process combined with our open and lightweight technology approach is optimum to transfer expertise to future in-house developers on the go, giving you the best of both worlds of time to market and building in-house expertise.


You send us your requirements, we send you back the URL to your application


First Alpha in weeks.


Weekly sprint (weekly & nightly hosted drops).


Pause/Stop Anytime (Unique to BriteSnow!).